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Episode 1

First Episode after a fully funded Kickstarter campaign!

A retrospective of the months leading up to launching the ITR Podcast – how I came to assist a Tony Nominated Director – The SDCF Observership Grant... 
Going forward, this will be an audio journal of my creative journey from professional actor to professional director.

Books and Podcasts that influenced ITR:
A Sense of Direction – William Ball
A Director Prepares – Anne Bogart
Notes on Directing – Frank Hauser and Russell Reich
The Director’s Voice Vol. 2 – Jason Loewith
SDCF Masters of the Stage Podcast
The Producer’s Perspective Podcast
Millennial Podcast
Start-Up Podcast

Sponsors of this episode:
Evan Alexander Smith
Allison Plamondon
Kantad Svensgaard
Performs every Monday night in the No Parents Show at Legion in Brooklyn, NY